Margaret Sanger, the founder of planned parenthood, was a Satanist who was the progenitor eugenics (Hitler learned from her). These people were into butchering “non-desirables,” as well as blood sacrifices and ritualistic practices. Planned Parenthood promotes abortions and then sells the aborted fetal parts under the guise of Woman’s ‘reproductive rights.’ Employees harvest the brains and other parts of babies whose hearts are still beating and intact. In some cases, these tiny babies are shipped to StemExpress. Babies are being executed on every street corner in America (and around the globe). What these demonic minions (who work for satan) are REALLY doing is sacrificing babies to BAAL/MOLECH. *Planned Parenthood is a modern-day BAAL.

Father God,

We cover this warfare prayer with the blood of Jesus. We take it off the enemies’ airwaves and bind every bird that carries our words. (Ecclesiastes 10:10).

Father, Your Word tells us of six things You hate (Proverbs 6), and the seventh You not only hate, but You call it an abomination-“hands that shed innocent blood.” ‬We come humbly to Your throne to repent; first for ourselves, then for the Church, our nation and the world for the shedding of innocent blood. Forgive us for having allowed the atrocity of this abomination to take place in our land. We are thankful that each of those 60 million-plus little ones are in Your care.‬

Thank You for giving us authority, dominion and power over ALL the power of the enemy (Luke 10:19) because we are seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. We raise up our ‘rod of authority’ (Exodus 14) on behalf of the unborn. We bring this situation to your throne Father.

In the mighty name of Jesus, we come against every principality, power, throne, ruler spirit, mite and dominion, all spirits of death and destruction, especially those spirits assisting or fueling Planned Parenthood and ABORTION (MURDER).

Let the ‘breaker of God’ break with the rod of iron every oppressor of these little children, every witchcraft device, destroy diviners and sorcerers and break every witchcraft curse that is assigned to these tiny lives. Let the breaker of the DESTROY THESE ALTARS OF BAAL in the name of Jesus!

Father arise in your indignation and pursue our pursuers in the name of Jesus. Let the power of your indignation put every digger of holes against our lives into their holes.

Father in the name of Jesus Christ We BIND the STRONGMEN and ALL SPIRITS of abortion, murder, callousness, violence, and every spirit in operation in the shedding of innocent blood and child sacrifice in our land. We nullify the power of the shedding of innocent blood. In Jesus name we cut off medusa, baal, chemosh, molech, mazzoroth, abaddon, apollyon, jezebel, leviathan, serpent, python, cobra, baphomet, the antichrist spirit, every imp, demon, power from the grave, death and hell and every demonic entity that form these weapons; we bind you, break your power & command you to go to the feet of Jesus Christ to be tormented before your time. In Jesus name, We bind the spirit of the prince of the power of the air that works in the children of disobedience (Eph 2:2).

Rise up, O Lord. Break the arm of Planned Parenthood. Reduce their strength to nothing. Obliterate their reach and protect the unborn from their grasp. Call these men and women to give an account for their wicked deeds until their wickedness is no more. Draw your sword, O Lord, and raise it against the men and women who are executing children.

Confront them with the furious anger you feel over the death of these innocent children. Subdue them by your power. Deliver the children from the wicked men and women who are seeking to kill them. Break the arm of the wicked and evildoer; call his wickedness to account till you find none. Tear out the fangs of Planned Parenthood. Emasculate their power. Break the teeth they use to consume the children. Let their arrows of death be dull and useless. Dissolve them financially, and cause them to vanish organizationally. Consume them in wrath; consume them till they are no more and display your powerful, evil-consuming wrath and bring Planned Parenthood to such utter dissolution that there is no doubt that you are God and that you rule over all things! Lord, let the buildings of Planned Parenthood be utterly desolate. Lord bring famine and drought upon all abortion clinics so that may be empty shells and never operate again. We lose the fire of God and a tsunami of living water against those wicked centers now and bring them down like crashing walls of Jericho!

Psalm 69:25–26, “May their camp be a desolation; let no one dwell in their tents. For they persecute him whom you have struck down, and they recount the pain of those you have wounded.” Psalm 83:16, “Fill their faces with shame, that they may seek Your name, O Lord.”

Father, open their eyes to see the blood of the innocents on their hands. We pray that the men and women of Planned Parenthood would experience a deep, searing shame for their atrocities so that they might repent and seek Your face and turn from their wicked ways and that You might heal our land (2 Chronicles7:14).

Father, in the name of Jesus, we too declare and decree that ROE vs. Wade WILL BE OVERTURNED & Planned Parenthood are being shut down! (Joel 2:28), in Jesus’ name.

For those going out to prayer walk together at planned parenthood, community protest, etc. ADD THIS:

Father, we ask that you send out legions of your mighty warrior angels to assist us and stand shoulder-to-shoulder around us to guard and protect so that no evil can penetrate. We ask for a Zechariah firewall of protection around us in Jesus’ name.

We cover ourselves with the precious blood of Jesus Christ this day. Just as the angel of the Lord blocked Balaam’s way (Num 22:25-27), we call on legions of your warring angels to block the entrances of every altar of child sacrifice.

Lastly, we bind ALL Spirits of backlash, retaliation, retribution and revenge. Father, we give you thanks, glory, honor and praise. In Jesus’ Mighty Name, we pray.

Amen and amen.

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